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19 Little-Known Problems of the Modern Hebrew Calendar

The modern Hebrew Calendar, also known as the Calculated Rabbinic Hebrew Calendar or the Jewish Calendar (used by the Jews and also most of the Churches of God observing the biblical Annual Holy Days) is admittedly the most relied upon Luni-Solar Calendar in use today, because there simply seems no other better choice.

However, since it had also its own demonstrable imperfections as abundantly outlined in this article, it can still, and NEEDS to be improved upon and made accurate by instituting the needed corrections to accommodate present-day astronomical knowledge and realities extant in our modern world.

WHY the Modern Hebrew Calendar NEEDS to Be Corrected

  1. The modern Hebrew Calendar was created by Hillel II (A.D. 358-359) during the infamous time of the “Dark Ages” which extended for a total of over a thousand two hundred years until the time of the Great Reformation or the Renaissance.
  1. The “Dark Ages” was that period of time when true knowledge was greatly suppressed. In fact, it was the time when it was falsely taught by Church authorities that the earth was flat like a pie, and that our earth was the center of the universe! Any disagreement with this doctrine was severely dealt with thru excommunication, torture, and death!
  1. Before the Dark Ages came about, the very last of the Jewish Sages (highly learned men) were killed and all Jewish knowledge was purged out by the very cruel and ruthless Roman Emperor Hadrian (117-138 A.D.) in the four years between 132 to 136 A.D.
  1. All Jewish writings, books, documents, and scrolls (which were left after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.) were likewise burned by that ruthless Roman Emperor Hadrian. Not only that, but all Jewish practices, celebrations, and Holy Days including keeping of the Sabbath were totally banned, outlawed, and rooted out. This was Emperor Hadrian’s final ruthless reaction to the incessant Jewish insurrections led by Simon Bar Kokhba, also popularly known as the Bar Kokhba Revolt between 132 to 136 A.D.

Even the name of “Israel” was completely deleted from all maps and replaced with the name of their chief and greatest enemy—the Philistines. Until the Balfour Declaration of 1917, the name of Israel has always been known in our maps as “Palestine” but much later allocated to the Jewish people. It was not until the declaration of their national Independence in 1948 that the name: “Israel” was officially restored to that land.

  1. Sadly, in the depths of that cruel period in history when a total black out of true knowledge existed, and when all Sages were long gone, Hillel-II endeavored to create a Hebrew or Jewish Calendar to somehow unite all the scattered Jews (known as the “Diaspora”) to again somehow restore the observance of God’s long-abandoned Holy Days thru whatever recollection he had of the Holy Days of God which he still remembered.
  1. But the big problem was that in the darkest period of human history, certain FUNDAMENTAL KNOWLEDGE which should have formed the BASIS for the creation of the Hebrew or Jewish Calendar has been completely lost to Hillel-II or to anyone else!
  1. That prophesied time when “knowledge shall [be] increase[d]” in our “end time” period was still about more than 2,550 years into the future when the prophet Daniel wrote this (Daniel 12:4); and also, still more than 1,660 years when Hillel-II created the Hebrew or Jewish Calendar. In those very ancient times, knowledge has not yet been increased.
  1. One of the FUNDAMENTAL LOST KNOWLEDGE consisted of knowing exactly WHEN the 19-Year Time Cycle begins. Until now, none among the Hebrew scholars know this fact. Why is this vitally important? Simply because it determines WHEN to insert the “Intercalary” (or 13th month, also called “Ve-adar” or second “Adar”) seven times in the cycle of 19 years—so the seasons and the weather will be totally synchronized with the heavenly bodies and with the calendar. Sadly, among the Hebrew scholars, this is anybody’s guess.
  1. Another FUNDAMENTAL piece of LOST KNOWLEDGE was WHEN to start the reckoning of the Sacred Calendar Year? Because this fundamental piece of knowledge was also long lost, Jews until today still needed to venture out into the fields (even as far as the southern Negev desert and into the Sinai Peninsula bordering Egypt), just to look for the “Barley” plant, and if they find any that is ready for harvest, then they will declare a New Calendar Year. Likewise, they should gather some to offer to God in their Festival. This is a very crude, unreliable, time-consuming, and very inefficient method of determining whether a particular year has actually 12 or 13 months in it?
  1. Because of these TWO very critical LOST KNOWLEDGE, those who produce the present Hebrew or Jewish Calendar say that the formula is a very strict “SECRET” only known by them—when in fact and to be very honest, they simply DO NOT KNOW!
  1. As a result, not only is it causing much confusion, but all those following the present Hebrew Calendar find themselves at certain times starting the Hebrew Calendar Year a month too early—when there is still lots of snow and snowstorms because it was actually still winter season. The latest this has actually happened was in the year 2018 (when the New Calendar Year was declared on March 17—even before the Spring Equinox) and now also in this year 2021 the New Calendar Year is scheduled to be declared on March 13—also a full week before the Spring Equinox—unless those responsible officials will correct the defect of the modern Hebrew Calendar.
  1. Not only that, but for those who are farmers, they are the most severely affected by this erroneous reckoning in the modern Hebrew Calendar. Like in the year 2018 (as the most recent example), they went to attend the Feast of Tabernacles a month too early (during the late summer) where they failed to harvest their crops because it was still too early. When they came back from the Feast, some of their crops (especially the grapes) were already damaged and had fallen onto the ground—an agricultural loss for them. We hope that by correcting the modern Hebrew Calendar this year, that problem will be avoided.
  1. Another documented observation is that with the modern Hebrew Calendar, the Spring and Autumn Holy Days of God (the first days for both) are usually being observed a day away from the 100% illumination of the Full Moon. It is reckoned to be a day late!

The Jewish authorities ADMIT that the present Hebrew Calendar is a day off from the correct reckoning compared with the movement of the heavenly bodies. But they reasoned that only the “Sanhedrin” (their ecclesiastical ruling body) can make the decision to adjust their calendar. Since until this time, there is still no such duly recognized authority in Israel, no one is authorized to make that very important decision to adjust.

  1. No wonder, Christ almost 2,000 years ago stated that the Jewish authorities were the “blind leading the blind” (Matthew 15:14; Luke 6:39; Romans 2:19).
  1. Many Church authorities today would reason out that since the apostle Paul said that the oracles were given to the Jews, we should always follow the Jews (Romans 3:2-3).

HOWEVER, while that statement of the apostle Paul was still correct when it was made BEFORE the original fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., it is no longer valid now. Please reckon that with the passing of time and the occurrence of major events affecting the Jewish nation, such statements had already become inaccurate and ineffective. Especially after the second purging of the Jewish nation which happened again during the reign of Emperor Hadrian in 132-136 A.D., where Hadrian completely demolished any last vestiges of Jewish culture, fund of knowledge, and killed all their scholars or learned men.

  1. NOW, in our ENDTIME comes the fulfillment of God’s prophecy thru the prophet Daniel when “knowledge shall be increased.” (Daniel 12:40b). Through NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and the Worldwide Web of the Internet, this great fund of knowledge on those prophecies have been and are now still being fulfilled.
  1. We have now discovered WHEN the latest 19-Year Time Cycle has begun! This is that rare time once in every 19 years when during the exact time of the Spring Equinox (on March 20 in our present generation), the sun, the moon and our earth come into a perfect alignment, causing even an obvious complete solar eclipse on earth. This particular last event in our time happened on March 20, 2015. From this date, we can now accurately figure out WHEN the intercalary (13 months) will be inserted 7 times during the 19-year Time Cycle period. (Please see the Appendix below.)
  1. Likewise, the heavenly cycles give us an exact formula. The Sacred Year should ALWAYS START (not on the new moon closest to the spring equinox), BUT RATHER ON THE NEW MOON AFTER the Spring Equinox! Thus, for this year 2021, the biblical New Year should start on April 13, 2021 (which is the First New Moon after the Spring Equinox of March 20). Any declaration of a New Calendar Year before that time is definitely an obvious error because it is still part of the winter season.
  1. This year, the month before that April New Calendar Year (which is March) is the Hebrew month “Ve-Adar” or “second Adar” or the 13th month—which you may not have heard about lately, or perhaps it is simply ignored, or even placed wrongly in the present Hebrew Calendar system?

Therefore, this month (from the New Moon of February 13 to the next New Moon of March 13, is the Hebrew month “Adar” or the 12th month. Since this particular year requires a 13th month, that New Moon of March 13 to the New Moon of April 13 is called in the Hebrew Calendar as “Ve-Adar.” Only after the New Moon of April 13 is the start of the Hebrew month “Nisan” or ” Abib” which is the first month of the Hebrew Calendar Year.

There is therefore a NEED to REVISE and CORRECT the present Hebrew Calendar, which was originally made during the Dark Ages. But it should now be rectified and revised in these Enlightened times as prophesied in these End-Time when knowledge shall have been increased.

If these Hebrew Calendar matters are somewhat new to you, I encourage you to read and understand three articles on our website.

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When the Last 19-Year Time Cycle Began

Source: NASA Sky Events Calendar (SKYCAL)Jerusalem Time

On the Spring Equinox of 2015, notice 3 almost simultaneous events:

  • March 20, Friday, at 11:36 was the New Moon Conjunction
  • March 20, Friday, at 11:46 was a Total Solar Eclipse
  • March 21, Saturday, at 00:45 was the Vernal (Spring) Equinox

NOTE: Difference between conjunction and equinox is just over 12 hours!

The Coming 19-Year Time Cycles

Source: NASA SKYCAL [Jerusalem Time (UTC+2:00)]:

YEAR 2034 (on the Spring Equinox date, 19 years later):

  • March 20, Monday, at 12:14 will be the New Moon Conjunction
  • March 20, Monday, at 12:18 will be the Total Solar Eclipse
  • March 20, Monday, at 15:18 will be the Vernal (Spring) Equinox

YEAR 2053 (on the Spring Equinox date, another 19 years later):

  • March 20, Thursday, at 05:46 will be the Vernal (Spring) Equinox
  • March 20, Thursday, at 09:07 will be the Annular Solar Eclipse
  • March 20, Thursday, at 09:11 will be the New Moon Conjunction

YEAR 2072 (on the Spring Equinox date, still another 19 years later):

  • March 19, Saturday, at 20:18 will be the Vernal (Spring) Equinox
  • March 19, Saturday, at 22:08 will be the Partial Solar Eclipse
  • March 19, Saturday, at 22:21 will be the New Moon Conjunction

NOTE: If we cycle backwards from the latest 2015 start of the 19-Year Time Cycle far enough, we eventually go back to the Year 1 A.D. (or C.E.).

THEREFORE, IT IS THE HEAVENS WHICH DECLARE WHEN THE START OF THE 19-YEAR TIME CYCLES BEGIN — not man, organization of men, or any of the traditional calendars of man. Not even the present Hebrew or Jewish Calendar.

Appendix 1

The Correct Pattern of Intercalary Years

(God’s Sacred Years start and end on the New Moon day on or after the Spring Equinox [Years 1, 3, 6, 9, 11, 14, and 17 have 13 months, the rest have 12. The modern Hebrew Calendar (a.k.a the Calculated Rabbinical Calendar) follows a similar pattern: 3, 6, 8, 11, 14, 17, and 19, but their 19-year time cycle is one year off and behind the true astronomical cycle.])

Year in CycleRoman YearNumber of Months
192014-201512 (end of previous cycle)
12034-203513 (start of next cycle)
God's Real Name

What Is God’s Real Name?


So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the WHOLE WORLD; he was cast to the earth, and his angels [demons] were cast out with him (Revelation 12:9).

In what particular manner has this WHOLE WORLD been deceived?

Did Simon “the Leper” Really Host a Dinner for Christ?

Who exactly was Simon “the Leper”?

As we approach another anniversary of Christ’s [Yahshua’s] torture and death, it is timely that we clear out the existing old-time great confusion surrounding His anointing at a dinner supposedly hosted by the Leper named Simon.

Was Messiah's Title Really Written on His Thigh?

Was Messiah’s Title Really Written on His Thigh?

Most Bibles today read: “And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS” (Revelation 19:16).

Many Have Been Deeply Puzzled By This Surprising Statement.

Was His thigh then exposed while riding on a white horse in dignified battle array?

And how was His title written — was it permanently tattooed upon His thigh?

Was this title written on His right thigh, on His left thigh, or on both thighs?

Since one’s thigh is relatively small, how can His long title be visibly written for all to see?

Was this long title written across His thigh, or longitudinally written towards His lower leg?

These are some of the disturbing, embarrassing, and even somewhat undignified questions asked on this topic. But these questions need to be honestly clarified.

How a Literal Answer to These Questions Violate Biblical Principles and Even Presents Some Contradictions

IF we say that this long title was written on His exposed thigh, that act of exposure would have already been condemned and considered as part of being naked which is contrary to biblical injunctions in the Levitical priesthood attire (yet He is much more than a human priest), even as defined and proscribed by these verses below:

Exodus 28:42 prescribes trousers to include covering the waist down to the thighs.

Leviticus 16:4 talks about the need to put on trousers on one’s legs and body.

Mark 14:51-52 — a loose cloth draped over one’s body very easily exposes nakedness.

IF we say that His title was tattooed on His thigh, that would be a violation of Scriptures.

Leviticus 19:28 prohibits making marks or tattoos on one’s body.

Since Christ Was Most Righteous, He Was Attired Down to the Feet

Please notice the clothing apparel described of the Messiah in this same Book of Revelation:

Revelation 1:13 describes the Messiah as being clothed with a garment down to the feet.

And we know that Scriptural teachings cannot be in contradiction with each other (John 10:35).

What Then Caused This Glaring Contradiction Upon This Topic?

Deeply researching into any Greek Concordance, Lexicon, Dictionary, or even a Greek-based Interlinear Bible will not solve this problem. This is because we will just find ourselves simply looking at a defective Greek source of information to begin with. WHY?

Contrary to popular teachings, Greek was NOT the original language in which the New Testament was written. For PROOF, please read the article: 25 Irrefutable Reasons Why the New Testament Was NOT Originally Written in Greek.

Problem With the Translation From the Original Hebrew-Aramaic Manuscript Into the Greek Translation

In the original Hebrew-Aramaic manuscript, the correct word was “degel” which meant “banner.” However, the translator from the original manuscript into Greek simply mis-read just one letter which completely changed the meaning of the word to “regel’ which now meant “thigh.”

That pivotal error which rendered a big difference in meaning was in unintentionally mis-reading the 4th letter “Dalet” (ד) in the Hebrew alphabet and considering it as “Resh” (ר) [the 20th letter of the Hebrew alphabet] — these two letters look very similar.

Another Similar Translation Problem Between Dalet and Resh

Genesis 10:3 — Note that the name of one of Gomer’s sons was written as “Riphath” while in 1 Chronicles 1:6 that same son’s name was written as “Diphath”—a common “D & R” mistake.

[These facts came from the research of the “Institute for Scriptural Research”—producers of The Scriptures [Bible], which is detailed on page 1229 in their Explanatory Notes section.]


Like any great conquering King leading His victorious heavenly army down to earth, The Messiah’s title will be prominently displayed both on His long robe and on a big high-flying banner boldly declaring Him as “KING OF KINGS AND LORD [MASTER] OF LORDS [MASTERS]; (but definitely not timidly written upon his hidden thigh)! Please note also Revelation 17:14.

NOTE: The true solution and answer to this puzzling question again proves that the New Testament Scriptures were originally written in the Hebrew-Aramaic language, and not in Greek.

For more background information on this very important topic, please read the article: 25 Irrefutable Reasons Why the New Testament Was NOT Originally Written in Greek.

The Unrecognized CAUSE of the Wuhan Coronavirus

This article contains information most news reports do not talk about.

Three weeks after it was first identified, the global community is still frantic at trying to control the rapidly spreading new strain of virus which has recently developed out of the once largely unheard-of city of Wuhan, in mainland China. But what is the most primary cause of it?

10 Surprising Facts You May Not Know About New Year

10 Surprising Facts You Need to Know About the “New Year”

We are all very thankful for the TIME that God gives us as a blessing — whether it’s just another day in our life, a week, a month, or even another year.

This world has just entered another Roman Calendar year — 2020.

And it is a very popular and common custom to celebrate it with lots of noise, and especially with fireworks. But did you know where that custom came from and why?

In the midst of our celebrating, it is very important to understand what we are doing and why.

The World’s Oldest and Biggest FAKE Story

Debunking the World’s Oldest, Biggest FAKE Story

We’ve been living in the “Christian era” for about 2,000 years now. We’re now supposed to be in the modern, enlightened age of Internet access — with massive computerization of knowledge and Google’s mind-boggling accumulation of almost all kinds of information. We now have the capability to share such information around the world at almost the speed of light.

Yet, a great false and FAKE story is not only believed in by many to this day but even more so, it’s popularly and grandiosely celebrated, especially in this month of December!

16 Basic Reasons Why Some Still Believe the Earth Is Flat

This article shows the causes of one of the greatest deceptions, accompanied by its unbelievably illogical explanations. Surprisingly, it is still being propagated amidst the great scientific achievements in our modern world. Sadly, this belief has even devolved into a cultic religion of blind faith. To understand more about this modern deceptive phenomenon, please read this article to the end and share its facts with your contacts, too.

25 Irrefutable Reasons Why the New Testament Was NOT Originally Written in Greek

This is a very shocking article that goes contrary to what is commonly taught and popularly believed in this modern Christian world.

But before making a prematurely negative judgment, please lay aside first any bias and prejudice, and open-mindedly examine the FACTS that will be presented here in a logical and objective manner — backed-up by overwhelming solid evidence, both external and internal.

In this regard, let us wisely and patiently apply the advice of King Solomon when he said:

He who answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and shame to him.
~Proverbs 18:13

Not only that, but most may have already been influenced — sadly and unwittingly — by the strong effect of the statement: “A lie repeated often enough is eventually believed as true.” Whether factual or not, this quote is commonly attributed to Adolf Hitler’s propagandist, Joseph Goebbels.

NOTE: Unless you have already read it, please READ FIRST the fully documented article on this website as a suggested primer:The Amazing Hebrew Language History Since Eden.” This will give you a solid understanding of the God-inspired history of the Semitic languages.

The Amazing Hebrew Language History Since Eden

NOTICE: This article reveals intentionally hidden truths and challenges some prevalent but false and unfounded beliefs.

As Adam and Eve tried to hide from God [YHWH Elohim] after they sinned, most of humanity today also tries to hide their eyes from many of God’s truths.

Let us start with an important question: Is it possible to trace the language God used to communicate with our first parents and with the righteous men of old? What was that language used in the Old World that extended into Noah’s time?

While some may prematurely disdain or ignore this topic for fear of finding the truth that may directly contradict their prejudices, the more critical question is: How important are the Hebrew people and their language in God’s eyes?

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