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About Us

The world of religion and Christianity is awash with all kinds of false doctrines and beliefs.

BiblicalTruths seeks to proclaim real biblical truths — the truth and nothing but the truth.

In simple terms, we simply seek to help our audience discover what the Bible really teaches.

Being independent of any large corporate body or major religious organization, we do not favor nor cater to any religious organization’s traditions, persuasions, or beliefs. We simply and independently seek to proclaim what the Bible really teaches. Likewise, we are not politically motivated, nor do we support any political agenda or ideology. Thus, we seek to operate independently, guided and inspired only by God through the Holy Spirit.

If you would like to support our humble efforts in doing God's Work, you're welcome to do so. Please feel free to share any or all of the articles on this website as long as you fairly include due credit to our website as the source of the information.


Divine Names are definitely among “proper nouns.” Definitely, like any proper nouns, they are never changeable by anyone, at any time in history, or at any place in heaven or on earth.

Since our goal is to reach the general public with our message, and so that we will be understood by the common person, we use the names and terminologies that are commonly recognized by all, in the same way that it is allowable to use a certain “alias” to refer to a certain individual. Also, the use of “titles” are allowable, such as “The Father” or “The Son.”

However, for the information of the more advanced Bible reader or scholar, please know that we personally believe in and privately use among ourselves the proper use of the correct names when referring to the Deity. But in our published articles, the following common names more accurately refer to their original names or persons as follows:

  • God = Elohim [plural]; EL = God [singular]
  • God the Father = El Elyon; or YHWH El Elyon
  • LORD = YHWH (pronounced “Yahweh”)
  • LORD God = YHWH Elohim (or Yahweh Elohim)
  • Christ = Messiah (meaning "The Anointed One")
  • Jesus = Yahshua (meaning "YHWH saves," or "YHWH is salvation")
  • Lord = Master

Why we do not openly use such Sacred Names in our public articles?

Since these are Sacred Names, they are therefore considered holy, precious, and sanctified. Being such, we wish to protect those names from the possibility of being unnecessarily abused, blasphemed, criticized, or ridiculed. Christ Himself said, “Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces” (Matthew 7:6).

However, the true children and followers of God will surely (or eventually) know their true Father’s and their true Savior’s names. Notice that when Christ was on earth, He did not openly, publicly, and blatantly flaunt His Father’s true name, but simply used the proper “Titles” and referred to Him as the “Father” or My “Father.” However, to His own disciples, He revealed the Father’s true name, as recorded twice in His long prayer to the Father in the Garden of Gethsemane prior to His arrest and crucifixion, as recorded in John 17:6 and in verse 26.


Edmond D. Macaraeg (1945-2022) was the first editor and main article writer on

He delved into intensive biblical studies for more than 50 years and had been a duly ordained elder/minister, preacher, and pastor for over 45 years. God used him to raise up dozens of congregations over the span of several decades. He graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Education and also obtained master's degree units in this field as well. But his greater passion for pursuing serious biblical studies, history, sciences, research, writing, and public speaking was graciously used by God to help contribute to the efforts to conquer deception and ignorance, and instead help proclaim Biblical Truths in the face of great religious confusion extant in this world today.

Aside from having served as a church pastor for several years, he also maintained a weekly radio broadcast on various stations. Meanwhile, he also conducted a series of Public Bible Lectures (supported by fully-documented PowerPoint slides) in several cities, including a Question and Answer Session at the end of these Public Lecture presentations.

On a personal note, he was familiar with and conversant in eight languages and dialects and has traveled widely both locally and internationally. He was married to the former Lorna Gonzales, with whom they now have seven grown-up and married children and 18 grandchildren.

Daniel Roy G. Macaraeg is the editor and webmaster of and the English presenter on BiblicalTruths TV. As an avid reader and researcher, he also writes articles for He is an ordained church elder and pastor who likewise has a passion for biblical studies, writing, and public speaking. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Theology obtained from Ambassador University in Big Sandy, Texas, USA.

Reuel D. Campos, another ordained elder, with a degree in education, is the Cebuano presenter on BiblicalTruths TV. He also focuses on translating the articles on into the Cebuano dialect. He is married to...

Meryl Lynn Macaraeg Campos, who also serves as our video editor and computer graphics artist.

Joshua Infantado, an independent blogger, is the Filipino presenter on BiblicalTruths TV. He also contributes some articles to

Melissa Puzon serves as the language translator for Filipino.


Church of God Philippines, the people behind the mission of BiblicalTruths, can be contacted in the following manner: (You can read more about us and our core beliefs here.)

P.O. Box 81315, DCPO, Davao City Philippines

(Physical mailing address available upon request.)

Phone: +63 (82) 241-0150

Do you have a Bible question? Write us at [email protected]

 Daniel Roy G. Macaraeg, +63 (917) 875-1755; [email protected]

Reuel D. Campos, +63 (932) 886-2777; [email protected]


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