How True or Accurate Are the Popular Beliefs About Heaven?

If heaven is such a super-fantastic place, why aren’t all the heaven preachers eagerly competing with one another to get there first?

Did you know that the (King James) Bible uses the word “heaven” over 580 times? But — is there even one verse which literally says, “heaven is the reward of the saved” or another which says “when we all gather together in heaven” — as is commonly believed? Where does it say that in the Bible?

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Is “Universal Salvation” a Biblically Correct Teaching?

Is everybody going to be saved?

Another great controversy raging in today’s world of Christianity is the teaching on “Universal Salvation,” “Universal Reconciliation,” or “Universalism” for short.

This is the belief that because of Christ’s love, all people will be saved in the end. Hell is just a metaphor for humans. Others believe that hell is the equivalent of purgatory (a temporary state or form of punishment), but that hell is the real destination for the demons — but not humans. Is this true?

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Is “Once Saved, Always Saved” a Biblically Correct Doctrine?

There is much controversy and confusion over this modern-day teaching. It was developed centuries ago by one of the Protestant reformers John Calvin (though he got the original idea from Catholic bishop Augustine).

It’s time we analyze this teaching in light of what the Bible really says.

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Why Is There So Much Confusion and Division in Politics and Religion?

In the field of science and mathematics, the whole world is in full agreement.

For example, 2 + 2 = 4. Scientific and mathematical formulas are never debated. However, in the field of politics and religion, there is widespread confusion and division. Now why is that? What does the Bible say?

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